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In 2001, young Mastura set up a home-based business focusing on bridal wear. Upon discovering her talent and profound passion for make-up, she enrolled herself in Fashion & Bridal in Cosmoprof Academy and successfully graduated from it. The course subsequently deepened her interest in art and beauty. Later on, she was approached by Majalah Perkahwinan; they offered to have her business advertised in their magazine. Since Young Mastura had always envisioned herself being in the creative industry, she readily took up the offer. She quickly began crafting bridalwear designs, sewing and beading into the wee hours of the morning out of love for the activity. 

Slowly and steadily, she built up her portfolio, gaining inspiration from various KL magazines. After 7 to 8 months of running her business from home, she decided it was time to further develop and expand her grounds; she opened up a small boutique at the basement of Adelphi. The company was then named Anggun Andaman. 

In 2005, 5 years into the bridalwear business, she met a talented individual. A brilliant idea came to mind, and she proposed a collaboration with the stylist – she decided to have wedding decorations incorporated in her business. 

Food being one of the most important element in a wedding. Thus, knowing this, Mastura included catering as yet another service offered in her business later on. Being blessed with a mother who is a great cook was an added advantage to her in this sector. 

AnggunbyMastura, currently located at Yishun A’Posh Bizhub, has now been running for 18 years and has successfully organised over a thousand weddings. It aims to provide a holistic service, covering the myriad of needs a wedding requires. This would therefore facilitate a smooth and easy process for couples eager to kick off their marriage with a joyful wedding.

With many years of experience & expertise, AnggunbyMastura is the go-to wedding service provider. 



Mastura Esnain

Anggun by Mastura was founded by owner, Mastura Esnain in the year 2001; Anggun by Mastura started off very humbly in a small HDB apartment room with racks of clothes stacked to the brim with hardly enough space to even do fittings.

It was Mastura’s sincerity and undying dedication towards her craft that won many hearts even though with the lack of proper facilities and very minimal choice of outfits. 

But this is where it all began.

Fast forward year 2021, Anggun by Mastura is now an established name in the bridal and events industry. With formidable teams both at the front and back end, we are proud to say that we’ve reached yet another milestone.

With the opening of our newly acquired office, showroom and warehouse space at 5C Gambas Crescent, Nordcom One, we’re all ready to serve you more effectively under one roof.


With many years of experience & expertise,

Anggun by Mastura is the go-to wedding service provider. 

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Creative Director

Liezam Sabtu

Liezam is a Creative Director and Stylist specialising in contemporary weddings with high impact for wedding couples. With 25 years of experience under his belt; from the biggest statement to the smallest detail, Liezam will carefully design and curate each element for a cohesive style and truly beautiful environment for you and your guests to celebrate in.

 From the smallest seed of an idea or your clear vision, Liezam will approach your wedding design with creativity ensuring your own personalities and your uniqueness are reflected in your styling. We create a personalised, bespoke service tailored to each of our clients allowing you to have the right décor and design to suit the venue, feel and size of your wedding.

 Listening to your ideas and inspiration, Liezam will design and together with his team create, source and style your precious day. Working with a limited number of clients each year means that we can take a meticulous approach. You can completely relax knowing that everything is in hand, and will be finished to the highest quality whether you would like to be involved at each stage or leave us to make it happen for you.

Let our team take care of your big day

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